Activities to Celebrate Peace Day

To achieve peace, we must learn to avoid violence and commit ourselves to peaceful forms of conflict resolution in our day to day , which includes an educational commitment to non-violence in our educational center. A single day on the school calendar, as important as it is, will not make us peaceful and committed citizens to peace.

The good treatment vaccine

Hopefully ending violence was as simple as putting a vaccine that would immunize us against it forever. That vaccine exists, but it is not a drug: it is education. Education has the potential to equip people with the necessary tools to make violence unnecessary.

The Good Treatment Vaccine is a school mobilization activity whose objective is to allow students to find solutions to the problems of violence they find in their environment. Do you want to participate in a transformative activity in which your students collaborate to find solutions to the problems of violence they face every day ? : Spread the vaccine of good treatment!

Is peace a symbol or is it something else?

Throughout history, humanity has created different symbols to represent peace: the white flag, the olive branches, the dove … In order for peace to be more than just a symbol, we must work every day to make it a reality But knowing the most common symbols of peace can be fun in the classroom and helps us open the debate about what we understand by peace and non-violence.

Education in non-violence, peace and good treatment

Educational materials Safe at school. Learning in protective environments  contributes to addressing violence in schools from the focus of education on peace, non-violence and good treatment, from a focus on Education for Children’s Rights and Global Citizenship. Both the course guide and the educational proposals related to it offer ideas and resources so that teachers and management teams of educational centers can incorporate non-violence education into their activity, either through the curriculum or in the school planning.

Peace Day teaching approach

The Day of Peace, due to its general theme of non-violence, conflict resolution and coexistence,  can be worked on at all educational levels  from Early Childhood Education to High School. Discover the knowledge, attitudes and skills of each stage related to Peace Day .

Are you interested in approaching a protection approach in your educational center?

UNICEF Spain has published some manuals and guides that can help educational centers and teachers to delve into this topic:

  • Protection notebook : UNICEF Spain has this guide so that education professionals know how to act and prevent situations of vulnerability or risk for children and adolescents.
  • Child sexual abuse is left out of the game : a series of guides produced by the Higher Sports Council and UNICEF for the detection and prevention of child sexual abuse in sport.
  • Municipalities in the face of violence between children and adolescents : This guide aims to make violence among children and adolescents visible as a social problem in the community that is not limited only to the school environment and affected families.

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