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 321 days until International Day of Peace Vigil 2013

International day of Peace 2013 Report

In 1981, the United Nations decided to name September 21 the international Day of Peace, which was specified to evaluating the peaceful efforts of the United Nation in its member countries.

Considering the situation in the world today, it seems that the UN must have had much to monitor and evaluate on the International Day of Peace this year!

While many wars and conflicts go on in many places in the world, many peace activities have been carried out all over the world on the occasion. Activities like holding painting exhibitions, staging rallies and marches, celebrations, etc. might not seem effective peace-wise at first sight. However, with all news telling people mostly about bad events happening in the world, this can show that still there are hopeful people in the world, who would want to bring about change. Maybe the small paintings of children inspire and wake up the intolerant ones through opening up a channel toward peace in places where it has become an illusion.

What the world need is to keep up the hope for the young generation. On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, this year, the UN called for an investment in education. Of course, the children deserve to have good education so that they can become global citizens in tolerant communities. Will it be practical? Many decisions and plans have been made in the world by top organizations many of them have not been practical. However, when it comes to peace, this essential part of life, we have to have the hope for a better life considering the fact that education builds the base of a society.


Last updated on  24th September, 2013






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