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Just imagine that for One Day every house and place of worship in the world is active with spiritual observations for a day of peace, global ceasefire and nonviolence. If you can see that, you have captured the vision of the International Day of Peace Vigil: spiritual observations, binding peoples and communities together worldwide for ONE DAY OF WORLD PEACE.

Also imagine the possible impact of this vision: Countries throughout the world will observe a full day of ceasefire and communities will have a day of nonviolence. This will be the first time that a full day of peace has ever been achieved. “If you want to build a house you begin with a single brick…if you want a world at peace, you begin with a single day”…it IS possible.

Look what has been done so far: The IDP Vigil has been steadily growing over the past 4 years. It has a website, over 50 supporting interfaith, religious and spiritual organizations that have agreed to promulgate the IDP Vigil among their memberships and networks. This has resulted in over 400 Vigils held in over 80 countries being reported on the website, but we know there are hundreds more occurring worldwide. Some IDP Vigils had thousands of participants including religious and political leaders.

Goals for 2007 : Our practical aims this year is to have IDP spiritual observations occur in each of the United Nations 192 member countries. We especially are concentrating efforts on promoting major IDP Vigil observances in conflict zones, i.e. Israel/Palestine, Iraq, Ivory Coast the Sudan, Nepal, etc.

Assisi, Italy Peace Festival and IDP Vigil: In 2005 The IDP Vigil joined with the existing Assisi Peace Festival in its 10th year and conducted a major interfaith IDP Vigil and a 2 day conference on religions and peace and the opportunities presented by the International Day of Peace in war-torn communities. This is in cooperation with the United Artists for Peace and will be held in Assisi, Italy from 20-24 September. See our Assisi webpage.

Your donations are necessary to continue this effort. The IDP Vigil is a project of Pathways to Peace, an accredited 501(C) (3) organization.

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Last updated on  Feb 04, 2012

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