How the International Day of Peace is Celebrated

Since when is Peace Day celebrated?

The General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed in 1981 the opening day of its regular Session as International Day of Peace. In the year 2000 , the General Assembly during its 55th session decides that the International Day of Peace be celebrated on September 21 of each year.

How is Peace Day celebrated at the United Nations?

At United Nations Headquarters located in New York, International Peace Day is celebrated every year with a ceremony that takes place near the Peace Bell (located in the Western Courtyard Garden of the Main Hall in the building from the United Nations Secretariat), made from coins offered by people from 60 countries, and is a gift made by the United Nations Association in Japan to the United Nations.

Every year, usually at 10 am local time (14 GMT), the Secretary-General of the United Nations makes a special speech before ringing the bell and asks people around the world to reflect for a moment on the global goal of peace. Subsequent to the moment of silence, the President of the Security Council, representing the Members of the Council, issues a statement .

The most common way to celebrate this day is by keeping a minute of silence. The true meaning of this day lies in the participation of people from all over the world as they come together to meditate on the meaning of peace and their commitment to achieve it.

Some actions that we can carry out to commemorate the International Day of Peace are:

  • Organize a minute of silence or a peaceful march.
  • Raise the flag of the United Nations and those of all the countries of the world (in the case of institutions and organizations).
  • Sing a song of peace
  • Plant a tree.
  • Visit a hospital or nursing home.
  • Volunteer at a recycling center.


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