Ideas for the International Day of Peace

The international day of peace is celebrated on September 21 of each year and is a super special day to reflect and think about the importance of peace in the world. This day is a very special day in which you must become aware of the importance of peace and it is a day to promote the ideals of peace in all the nations and peoples of the world. Here in this blog we will give you information about this special day and we will show you images that will serve to celebrate this day as it deserves.

Why is Peace Day celebrated?

On September 21 of each year the world day of peace is celebrated. Peace Day was originally celebrated in 1981 and was established by the United Nations to celebrate peace, non-violence, tolerance and non-discrimination in the world. This day was created to promote the ideals of peace among all the peoples of the world, and it was from 2001 when the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization declared this day to celebrate and observe peace. September 21 is a special day to commemorate and strengthen the ideals of peace in each nation and people.

Images to celebrate the day of peace

This time we want to give you special images to celebrate the International Day of Peace. Here we made a selection of the most beautiful and allusive images of this special day, so you can enjoy them and share them with whoever you want. So it is a great idea that you choose the images that you like the most and you can download them in a super simple way.

When asked about a weapon capable of counteracting the power of the atomic bomb, I suggested the best of all: LA PAZ.

On September 21 of each year the international day of peace is celebrated, a day to reflect on peace in the world.


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