International Day of Peace 2012

Every year, we commemorate the International
Day of Peace on 21 September.

On this day we are encouraged to look after
each other that there is peace in this world, to
avoid conflicts between the State and the fellow
who was fighting for a truce and try to start the
reconciliation between the two sides in the

The future peace of the world depends on our
efforts to transform and forgiveness and put
peace rather than war. All parties involved in
the war we invite GCC together to exchange
thoughts to find a peaceful solution to their conflict.

It is already messaged by the Secretary-General
of UNO on the message to the 100-day
countdown to International Day of Peace 2012.

As you know that UNO is as the party most
interested in directing and maintaining world peace
Prolonged conflict will only damage the future,
lead to poverty, damaging the environment and
create the future of our next generation to be bleak.

Therefore on the International day of Peace 2012
we all have to sit together to fight at the bargaining
table as the UN Conference on Sustainable
Development in Rio de Janeiro open, the world
will have the opportunity to fight poverty by stopping
wars that only benefit a few people and destroy the
future of everyone. On the International day of Peace
2012, we all hope that the future of natural resources
will be protected and rewarded for the welfare of
mankind rather than to finance the war.

The war will only make the children lose the beautiful
to play, lost the future because they could not learn
well and they were forced to live in violence since
trained and recruited into the army. You should care
on it, because this is your children future. Through the
International day of Peace 2012 is all social and
economic disparities must be resolved through
dialogue and not by violence.

Theme of International day of Peace 2012
is that we can only build sustainable peace and
not of war.
“Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future”
is the main theme commemorating peace.

All armed conflicts which attacks the pillars of
development, robbing people the opportunity to
work and grow, destroy jobs, destroy the environment
we must make the enemy together. Wars will only lead
to poverty, creating gaps in creating social justice life and
detrimental to all parties.

We should have a role in creating these each world peace. Let us work together to ensure that all parties to the conflict to cease fire and guide them towards sustainable development and sustainable peace for a secure future for everyone. On this day tens of thousands of politicians, policy makers, social activists, business leaders and others mobilized to undertake concrete action in order to create a global roadmap for the future of a peaceful safe and secure so that development can work well for the welfare of society as a we want together. Hopefully we can work together in creating peace world in future.

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