International Day of Peace Forecast 2013

International Day of Peace is an annual event that is being celebrated every September 21. The event aims to strengthen the ideals of peace and celebrate the absence of violence and war.

It is being observed by all member states of the United Nation (UN) as well as military and political group since 1982. During this special day, individuals from different parts of the world participate in various events and activities that are centered on the promotion of peace. These include peace walks and prayers, interfaith peace ceremonies, art exhibitions, and lighting candles.

Although it is being observed around the world, the UN’s International Day of Peace is not declared as a public holiday. Despite this, countries are still encouraged to stop hostilities during this day. UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon is dedicating the International Day of Peace 2013 to peace education with the hope of using the preeminence of peace education to introduce the culture of peace. There are different ways that individuals can do to celebrate this event.

Traditionally, people throughout the world are requested to spend a moment of silence at night or light a candle as a way to show their support. There will also be gatherings that are designed to celebrate humanity and unity as well as trainings that are related to conflict resolution and non-violence.

Individuals also partake in group pilgrimages, honoring ceremonies, meditative healing practices, and even fundraising event for peace related cause, International Day of Peace 2013 can be celebrated in different ways. What’s important is that individuals do their best to contribute to the achievement of a sustainable future with a sustainable peace.

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