International Day of Peace , History and Commitment

The International Day of Peace is an important date in the calendars worldwide for its symbolic value. A day in which all states are reminded of the importance of fighting for world peace and coexistence. At intu Xanadú we are very committed to this day, that’s why we give you all the information so that you know the origin of this date and how we get involved in our Shopping and Leisure Center. Take note!

When is the International Day of Peace?

The International Day of Peace has been celebrated every September 21 since 1981, with the intention of reinforcing good relations in the world and the ideals of peace. Previously, it was held every third Tuesday of September, but it was decided that the specific date would be September 21, as a reminder of how necessary coexistence between peoples is.

The organization that promoted it was the General Assembly of the United Nations , which unanimously approved the strengthening of ties between the peoples of the world. Since then, the International Day of Peace has been celebrated in all the countries of the world and in all corners: companies, schools, institutions … All united for peace.

Why is the International Day of Peace commemorated?

This important date is celebrated with the intention that the world coexist in peace and so that there is an end to each and every one of the world’s conflicts. The member states of the United Nations adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals , because they understood that it was not possible to achieve world peace if certain points to follow were not covered. All of them are very diverse, but with the aim of guaranteeing peace for all the inhabitants of the planet.

These 17 points contain keys such as ending poverty , hunger, paying attention to health and well-being, focusing on quality education or gender equality. Ensuring clean water, affordable energy, decent work and innovation are some of the basic pillars for achieving world peace. The Assembly also paid special attention to reducing inequalities, developing sustainable cities or responsible consumption around the world. These points are completed by the action for the climate , underwater life, life of terrestrial ecosystems, justice in institutions and alliances, know some of these 17 points!

End poverty

Since 2000 the world poverty rate has been cut in half, but this phenomenon continues to exist and affects one in 10 people around the world. Although it is a global phenomenon, countries in East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa continue to live below the poverty line, so the main objective of the UN is to guarantee inclusive economic growth, create sustainable jobs and promote equality.

Health & Wellness

Many countries face high rates of maternal and neonatal mortality, the spread of infectious diseases, and poor reproductive health day by day . The UN relies on technological development and education to curb these kinds of problems that shake hundreds of countries.

Quality education

Education is the best tool to improve our quality of life, so it should be inclusive and equitable to help the population develop innovative solutions. The UN seeks that all children have the possibility of accessing the primary and secondary edition, free of charge and of quality.

Submarine life

One of the points with which we are most committed at intu Xanadú is with the health of the marine ecosystem , thanks to the Atlantis Aquarium Madrid . Despite the importance that the seas have on our life and our health, pollution and fishing in protected areas are some of the greatest dangers facing this ecosystem. The Assembly seeks to significantly reduce marine pollution, manage marine ecosystems and care for coastal areas

Social responsibility and solidarity point of intu Xanadú

At intu Xanadú we have a great responsibility with society and with the environment that surrounds us, that is why we seek that day by day there is an improvement in universal accessibility, in the environment and in sustainability. In relation to the planet , we seek to have an optimization of resources and to implement services and programs to protect our planet. Our Manual of Good Practices aims to save energy, water, natural resources, manage resources, reduce emissions to the atmosphere and launch continuous clean initiatives.

At intu Xanadú we also seek to make waste management as easy and effective as possible, which is why we have a clean point , located next to door 5. In it you can recycle glass, glass, mirrors, paper and cardboard, metals , woods, used clothing, shoes and accessories, plastic containers, briks and cans, used vegetable oils, used mineral car oil, furniture, mattresses, bed bases and doors, car batteries, household appliances, electrical and electronic waste, button batteries, toner , disposable printer and many other objects.

We also believe in accessibility , so that intu Xanadú becomes an option for everyone, removing barriers and promoting ambulation. We have a left luggage service, with internal mobility vehicles, with adapted toilets, magnetic loops, braille planes and adapted parking spaces. We have recently renewed the AENOR Universal Accessibility certification, which is committed to guaranteeing equal rights and opportunities for all its visitors, regardless of age and abilities.

Furthermore, with the aim of creating a better society, at intu Xanadú we have a solidarity space created exclusively for you. It deals with solidarity projects, being a meeting point between associations, entities and non-profit organizations that give visibility to their social, environmental and animal defense projects. We have already collaborated with some associations such as the Red Cross, Action Aid, WWF or Animal Help Laddra.

How to celebrate the International Day of Peace in intu Xanadú?

If you want to celebrate the International Day of Peace, remember that at intu Xanadú we are fully aware of the importance of world peace and respect for the planet . Know all the points that we have mentioned in this post and enjoy the best leisure, restaurant and fashion options.





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