MSSC Community Vigil for Unity and Peace 2016 Review

MSSC Community Vigil for Unity and Peace 2016 Review

Despite the International Day of Peace Vigil is on September 21, at George Washington University was celebrated on Friday, July 26, 2016, in Gelman Library 702. It only lasted 1 hour (from 12 pm to 1 pm) but it was a really beautiful and touching event.

For many years we have fought with the difference to make an equal world for everybody. Our fight stills go on, with the only goal of equality, especially between races either be white people, black people, Latino, Asians, etc.

It doesn’t matter your ethnicity we are all equals. This event gathered students from all campuses as well as teachers; it was a great time of sharing and relationship building between everybody.

As usual, it was included the Quaker tradition of silence a great moment to reflect not only on the wrong differences this society has created between us but about any aspect of life and what can anyone do in order to contribute a make a more peaceful and acceptable world.

This sharing moment was great to build new relationships and know new people that have same beliefs and points of view that you have, as well as people with different views that made you change what you thought about something.

However, the best thing about this event was the number of people who went there, which is a great teller that there are more and more people every year concerned about this problem and that want to change this situation.

I am looking forward to this year´s event of Day of Peace Vigil. With the expectation that will be bigger than the last year´s and gathers more people in order to know and build new relationships.

The only aspect to consider is that the event should definitely last a little bit longer.

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