Why You Should Be a Part of the International Peace Day Vigil 2016

Peace is the most vital thing that is needed in the present day conflict ridden modern society. The whole World is facing threats to peace and some countries are constantly living in a situation that is not conducive for peace loving people. Millions of people are affected by terrorism, civil wars and local armed conflicts affecting and uprooting the lives of many people and we see that many millions of people are unnecessarily losing their lives, properties and means of livelihood.
A United Nations initiative in bringing peace to these people at least for one day is its declaration of September 21 each year as the World Peace day. During this day the United Nations wants all the armed conflicts and terrorist activities to cease for a period of 24 hours so that no violent and armed conflicts take place on this day. This is the day when the cessation of hostilities must be honored for one day as a way of commemorating the International day of Peace. On this day the United Nations proposes to conduct various programs and take steps to educate the public on all issues related to the Peace and Truce.

As a part of the international Peace day all the UN chapters and the units spread all over the World organize various commemorations on this important day in the calendar. To make these happen the UN is also arranging for a Day of Peace Vigil to oversee the enforcement of the Peace process during the World Peace day. During this year the Day of Peace Vigil 2016 is based on the theme The Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace. It organizes so many events to drive the requirement for making Peace one of the most important ways of making the World a better place to live both for us and for our future generations.

Various programs are to be conducted during the Day of Peace Vigil 2016 and some of the most important among them include:

  • Distributing and expanding the Peace message of the United Nations and its associated Organizations and creating an awareness about the necessity of building Peace in your place
  • Observing minutes of Silence for those who lost their lives in conflicts and arranging functions and meetings for this purpose and stressing the need for saving those who are affected by terrorist acts, civil wars, armed conflicts at local levels
  • Conducting prayers, and reciting of various religious literature stressing the need for building and maintaining Peace at all levels
  • Lighting Candles or pouring water in a common bowl as a token of your love to maintain peace and show the world that you are against situations and events that destroy Peace and tranquility
  • Conducting various cultural and artistic programs like Music, Art, Dance and dramas to bring an awareness in building Peace at all levels and stressing the need for people not to enter into conflicts with others and let them take the initiative of preventing other people in their neighborhood from taking part in conflicts and armed struggles that bring a complete lack of Peace in your local area
  • Conducting various types of activities, events and organizing Peace related Marches, Rallies, Service Projects or events of Sports in such a way that a large number of people become aware of the initiatives of the UN and its associated Entities bringing in the message of Prosperity and Development through everlasting Peace.

Since 1981 when the General Assembly of the UN established September 21 as the International day of Peace, various organizations spread all over the World are creating the necessary awareness among the general public to celebrate this day as a real day of Peace and non- violence. Towards this we see now that more and more number of people representing a wide range of spiritual and religious traditions is coming into the fold of the UN in making its endeavor towards building Peace a success. Now we see that many thousands of people are coming forward to work with like minded people and groups to make the International day of Peace and the International Day of Peace vigil a huge success.

The present year objective of the Day of Peace Vigil 2016 is to encourage a 24 hour spiritual observation worldwide for peace and non violence. On the day of International day of Peace every house of worship and place of spiritual practice of all religions and spiritual orientations have all individuals, men, women and children to accept this day as the Day of Peace and sincerely seek peace in the world.

So, let us participate in the International Peace day Vigilance 2016 and make those around us also take part in this novel cause so that the World gets a chance to breathe and live in peace. Your commitment towards Peace will make others around you think about building Peace and will spread and expand to put off the conflicts and remove the factors that are affecting world peace in an easy way.

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