World Peace Day 2019 Calls for Action on Climate Change

On September 21, which will be the International Day of Peace, it has the theme “Climate change for peace” whose objective is to promote peace throughout the world as a platform on the importance of fighting climate change in the 20th. environmental anniversary after the UN resolution with the Action Program on the Culture of Peace.

Summary of World Peace Day

Known as World Peace Day, International Peace Day focuses on strengthening ideas about peace around the world. This year it focuses on climate change, demanding that Sustainable Development Goal 13 be met. This objective stipulates that greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, resilience is built and education on climate change is improved as well as ecological solutions, for example, renewable energy and clean technologies. (United Nations, 2019)

The United Nations Summit on Climate Change convened for September 23 will focus on plans to accelerate the Implementation of the Paris Agreement. Fundamentally, scrutiny of the UN Summit will be placed on the industrial sectors that cause the majority of greenhouse gas emissions.

This year, the World Peace Day proposal recognizes the comprehensive link between the environment and human rights. The objective is to consolidate the well-being of our planet together with the well-being of all its species, promoting political action and responsible global development that favors environmental sustainability.

Young people are key pieces for peace

Children and young people are key participants in peace and environmental protection. Young people play a central role in the growth of awareness; so that renewable energies are supported, environmentally friendly practices are adopted, sustainable lifestyles are promoted and educational programs are carried out (United Nations, 2019).

This year, the Student Celebration will be broadcast live on September 20 from United Nations Headquarters. Young people will present their projects and initiatives to combat climate change, they will express the strength of many young people who continue to take promising steps to mitigate and prevent environmental disasters (United Nations, 2019).

Children are the future of peace and environmental protection. The well-being of our planet is in your hands and we must work with all our strength to empower and facilitate the youth to give themselves to the maximum for peace and sustainability.

Humanium supports Climate Change for and for peace

It is a crucial responsibility to protect our planet earth for the next generations. Humanium is committed to working for a sustainable future as well as for sustainable development, which is one of the fundamental principles of our ethical statute that represents an essential element of our attitude towards the humanitarian efforts we make at every step. We prioritize socio-economic development that respects humans and nature both right now and for future generations (Please read our Guide to Children for a Greener Planet: Parental Guidance ).

Humanium’s projects to promote children’s rights are currently in Rwanda with local partner AVSI and in India in Madhya Pradesh in collaboration with Hand in Hand India . In Madhya Pradesh, we are helping to build a Residential Special Training Center for 50 girls who are at risk of falling into forced labor. We are very pleased to announce that the center is now open and operating successfully, and 30 more girls will be welcomed in the coming weeks.

You can participate in current Humanium projects and thus contribute to fully achieve the Rights of Children throughout the world through a donation or by becoming a member of Humanium.

Summary of data on Climate Change ( WMO, 2018)

  • More than 2 million people have been displaced by climate and climate-related disasters.
  • More than 35 million people are affected by floods.
  • Almost 62 million people are affected by natural catastrophes and extreme weather conditions.
  • 821 million people are undernourished in part by drought.
  • Internal displacement: 32% are related to floods and 29% to droughts.
  • More than 1,600 deaths are linked to heat waves and forest fires.

Peace depends on climate protection

World Peace Day in 2019 is a turning point that reminds us that the concept of peace must evolve. Peace can no longer only be seen as the absence of conflict. Peace is much more than the lack of wars. By understanding that peace is the achievement of the security and well-being of our entire planet as well as of all its species, this inclines us to act more energetically , with more determination as we face serious global challenges.

At Humanium we are happy to celebrate World Peace Day and on this occasion, we encourage everyone to commit to the imperative and urgent efforts that are being carried out around the world to protect the planet and all of us who depend on the.


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