The International Day of Peace Vigil is a grassroots effort to bring a “spiritual dimension” to the peace process. As such, there are no sponsors of this movement. Instead we have asked groups, organizations, religious traditions and individuals to participate in the Vigil by meeting certain criteria. In committing to be a founding participant in the International Day of Peace Vigil, the following groups and individuals have agree to:

  1. Promulgate the Vigil idea among its membership and encourage individual participation, and
  2. Permit the organization’s name to be used as a “supporting organization” of the Vigil on the IDP Vigil website ( and on other written correspondence as appropriate.
  3. Provide a link to the IDP Vigil website at least 60 days prior to the International Day of Peace

The following organizations support the International Day of Peace Vigil:


United Nations
Pathways to Peace

Peace One Day

11 Days of Unity
(September 11-21)
Creating a Culture of Peace Celebrating a Sustainable Future
We, The World

The above organizations are involved in a variety of other activities for the International Day of Peace.



The Aetherius Society
Annapolis Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Art Spirit
Brothers of the Sacred Heart
Center for Peace through Culture
Center for Spiritual Enlightenment
Church of Scientology International
Committee of Religious Non-Governmental Organizations at the United Nations
A Course in Miracles International
Decade to Overcome Violence/World Council of Churches
Franciscans International
Faith in Diversity Institute
Global Renaissance Alliance
Global Mala Project
Good Shepherd Sisters Worldwide
In the Light
Initiatives of Change
Interfaith Center of New York
International Association for Religious Freedom
International Institute for Peace through Tourism
Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace
InterSpiritual Dialogue Action Community
Intuition in Service
Isha Foundation
The Metropolitan Christian Council (Detroit – Windsor)
Mennonite Central Commitee
World Council of Religious Leaders
Millionth Circle
Peace Company
Peace X Peace
Religions for Peace – USA
Religious Peacemakers’ Circle
Religious Science International
Roots & Shoots
Science of Spirituality
Service of Documentation and Studies on Mission
Soka Gakkai International USA
Spiritual Directors International
Temple of Understanding
United Religions Initiative
VIVAT International
World Conference of Religions for Peace
World Muslim Congress Motamar Al-Alam Al-Islami
World Peace 2000
World Peace Prayer Society
World Vaisnava Association
Yun Lin Temple