How Can You Celebrate This Weekend the International Day of Peace?

How Can You Celebrate This Weekend the International Day of Peace?

Summer is over and we return to our favorite weekend plans section. As you may already know, this Friday, September 21, is the International Day of Peace . It is the ideal occasion to enjoy design and art and to celebrate freedom, solidarity, respect and love, united by creative culture. Here are our six proposals. Aim!

If you are in Valencia this weekend, you cannot miss the opening of the sixth edition of Abierto València , the event that celebrates the beginning of the artistic season of contemporary art galleries. From September 20 to 22, with a special schedule, free of charge and accompanied by a cocktail / beer offered by each gallery, you can enjoy the large number of works by national and international artists. Our favorite exhibitions, which honor the nature of peace, are Por el Olvido , a wonderful fusion of friendship, death and love for Aitor Saraiba  and Paula Bonet,  which you can see in the Pepita Lumiere gallery; and motionless flight , a journey through the silence of the sea by photographer Manuel Vilariño, at Galeria Punto.

Since you are in the city, you cannot miss the last day of the most important event in the capital of Turia, Valencia Design Week . This Friday design is the protagonist of the city, offering to reflect on well-managed creativity as a powerful tool for social and business innovation.

An encounter with interior designers awaits you , new lighting designs by Nacho Timón, exhibition The Color of First Light  – an exploration of feelings by the artist Alejandra Gandía-Blasco -, exhibition-tribute to industrial designer Pedro Miralles and, nevertheless, the party closing ceremony in the vibrant Las Naves center with live music.

In Madrid, you have an essential appointment in the Blanca Berlin gallery with the magnificent and pictorial works of Oscar Mariné, collected in the King for a Day exhibition  which is shown from September 13 to November 3, within the framework of the Apertura festival Madrid Gallery Weekend 2018.

The exhibition is a set of diverse materials that show the work of Oscar Mariné as an independent author, the pioneer in the renewal of design in Spain . Gathered in the same room, in this exhibition you can see the works, free of charge and at a different pace than usual, and reflect on the concept of beauty in art.

While you are in Madrid, another of the perfect plans is to participate in the Sharing Walls initiative  ,  which includes a series of 15 urban interventions by 15 Madrid districts, which uses graffiti as a vehicle of expression to decorate the city. 

From September 7 to October 7, from Friday to Sunday, 15 artists come together who you can join and leave your mark forever in the capital.

For the following proposal you will have to be in London. We are talking about the 16th edition of the London Design Festival that transforms the dynamic capital into the epicenter of inspiration, installations, events and projects that represent milestones. You can enjoy all that and much more until September 23.

First on our must-visit list  are the  Please feed the lion interactive facility at Trafalgar Square and The Sacker Courtyard facility , which features a fusion of modular systems and sustainable building materials as a possible solution to climate change and housing shortages.  And, if you want to understand the aesthetics of the famous  5 o’closk tea,  you cannot miss the Time for Tea installation that will immerse you in this ritual of traditions.

From the United Kingdom to Mexico. Crisol is the name of the exhibition by Daniel Lezama , considered the pioneer painter of critical research and rescue of the deep identities of Mexico. At Crisol , Lezama seeks to tame life processes and energies . 

Lezama opens the great exhibition on September 21 at the MAIA Contemporary space, during the Gallery Weekend CDMX celebration. Magnificent exhibition will feature a new series of monumental paintings, as well as graphic work and bronze sculpture.

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