How to Celebrate the International Day of Peace

Today throughout the world is being celebrated the International Day of Peace, the General Assembly declared this date a day to strengthen the ideals of peace between nations, peoples and members of each of them. The theme chosen for September 21, 2016 was “The Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace.”

Members of the United Nations approved the 17 Sustainable Development Goals at a landmark summit of world leaders held in New York in September 2015. Countries are asked to start working to achieve these Goals in the next 15 years. The purpose is to eliminate poverty, protect the planet and guarantee prosperity to every human being. These objectives seek to achieve peace, since development and peace are mutually reinforcing. Here are the 17 objectives.

1.- End of poverty.

2.- Zero hunger.

3.- Health and well-being.

4.- Quality education.

5.- Gender equality.

6.- Clean water and sanitation.

7.- Affordable and non-polluting energy.

8.- Decent work and economic growth.

9.- Industry, innovation and infrastructure.

10.- Reduction of inequalities.

11.- Sustainable cities and communities.

12.- Responsible production and consumption.

13.- Climate action.

14.- Underwater life.

15.- Life of terrestrial ecosystems.

16.- Peace, justice and solid institutions.

17.- Alliances to achieve the objectives.

These global goals are based on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which were implemented anti-poverty goals adopted in 2000, to be achieved in 2015. Huge progress was made, but the indignity of poverty is not over for everyone.

One way to celebrate International Peace Day is to help poor people, give away food, take care of your health and that of your loved ones, have a purpose of inclusion, offer good employment opportunities (if possible), innovate with experiments or sustainable creations that help daily activities without polluting, treating others as oneself, caring for animals and the environment, acting with peace and justice, etc.

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